Athletics is comprised of a series of events covering a number of disciplines: races, jumps and throws. The adapted version is identical to the traditional one except it can be practiced in a wheelchair adapted to the discipline, in a tricycle or with a walker. At Défi sportif AlterGo, athletics also include a skill circuit and a mini-marathon. The skill circuit is open to athletes with motorized or manual wheelchairs. The mini-marathon features walking, running, wheelchair, tricycle and bicycle events. Participants try to finish the race in the shortest time possible.

Athlete holding a throw.


Young athlete in motion during a baseball game.

Adapted baseball is inspired by 6-player baseball. It is a team sport, played on grass and sand fields or on a hard surface for young people with more limited physical and/or intellectual abilities. It is played with bats to hit a ball and gloves to catch the ball. The competition is held on a regular baseball field, except for wheelchair participants who remain on the grassy areas. Rules are adapted to the different types of deficiencies and categories. In school competitions, athletes with different deficiencies can play together. The competition takes place outside.


Adapted basketball for school sports athletes follows rules that are similar to traditional basketball ones. However, the rules are adapted to the capacities of participants.

Two young athletes in motion during a basketball game.


Young athlete holding a boccia ball.

Boccia is a precision-dependent sport, similar to pétanque. It is designed for athletes in a wheelchair that suffer from cerebral palsy or any other type of motor deficiency. It is played in a gymnasium, on a court about the size of a badminton court. Each contestant tries to position six leather balls as close as possible to a white ball, the “jack”, which serves as a target to tally the score. For school competitions, Défi sportif AlterGo features team tournaments, where boys and girls compete together. The balls can be thrown by hand, with the foot or with the help of a ramp that can be manipulated by an assistant who has his back turned to the game. This discipline requires concentration, strategy and precision. Given the competition will take place at the same location as the Boccia World Open, young and elite athletes will get a chance to mingle.


CrossFit is a physical training method combining exercises from different disciplines to improve overall performance. At the Défi sportif AlterGo, young athletes will race against the clock all the while undergoing different physical competence tests. The competition takes place outside.

An athlete in motion during a CrossFit event.

Rythmic Gymnastics

An athelete waving a ribbon during a rhythmic gymnastics event.

In rhythmic gymnastics, participants perform a choreography to a musical background. This choreography includes floor exercises with instruments such as ribbons, ropes, hoops, balls, and clubs. School competitions include many categories: A, B, C and 1. The routine can be performed while sitting (levels A and B) or standing (levels C and 1). The level C hoop choreography can be executed by a group of 4 to 6 athletes.

Ball Hockey

The sport is derived from traditional hockey. It is played in a gymnasium with a ball. Rules are adapted to the different types of deficiencies and categories. A team is comprised of up to 12 players.

Athletes in motion during a ball hockey game.


An athlete doing the front crawl technique in a pool.

At Défi sportif AlterGo, distances run from 25 to 50 metres. Two styles prevail: freestyle and back stroke. There are also relay races. Swimmers are classified according to their deficiency, their gender and their qualifying time.


Adapted soccer is similar to traditional soccer. Two teams fight for a ball that must be placed in the opponent’s goal without using the hands or the arms. The tournament is held outside, except for the primary school level competition that will be held inside.

An athlete running after the ball during a soccer game.


An athlete in motion during a volleyball game.

Two teams knock a ball to each other over a net, in midair and by hand. The ball used is lighter than that of traditional volleyball. For school competitions, the discipline uses a larger ball filled with air and that moves slower. The aim of the game is to roll the ball across the opponent’s goal line. Teams can include standing participants as well as participants in wheelchairs.

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